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Christine Marie

Christine Marie ✿ TechExec ✿ Media Psychology ✿ Speaker ✿ Activist ✿ Author ✿ Blogger ✿ Marketer with a ❤ for geeks, software, children & education.

Christine Marie is the co-founder of Contagious Apps & Entertainment, a digital media creativity factory that produces apps, video, high-end creative photography and other multimedia. She is the publisher and editor of Technorazzi Magazine which features stories on tech stars, geniuses, hackers, geeks, artists, eccentrics and savants; and she's the founder of iMedia Candy, a boutique digital agency specializing in mobile apps, web properties, digital strategies, interactive marketing and cutting-edge technologies. Previously, Christine Marie was the co-founder and COO of en2go, a technology company with a space-age video streaming platform, where she was part of a brain trust that included world-renowned technology icons. In her past life, Christine was a kindergarten teacher, a professional speaker and the president of a family network that produced and marketed family enrichment and literacy products that she developed. Christine Marie has published numerous educational books, created educational and motivational systems for families and children. ------- Christine Marie is a feminist, an activist, and she blogs regularly on topics ranging from psychological manipulation to human trafficking to female empowerment to human rights. Most recently she founded a web site and awareness campaign called "Voices for Dignity," through which she contributes content, technology, photography and web sites for survivors, activists or organizations that empower women to speak up and change lives. Additionally, Christine has been a parent educator for years, specializing in positive parenting, family literacy, and baby care & nurturing. Christine is an MBA, published author, the mother of 4 children. Specialties: IPTV, Interactive TV, Marketing, New Media, Technology for Women, Family Content, Parenting, Genius Management.

Christine Marie's Background

Christine Marie's Experience

President at Mrs. Gingerbread, Inc.

January 2008 - March 2010

Media and technology for mothers and children.

Co-founder at en2go International, Inc.

2006 - June 2009

Speaker, Trainer, Marketing Consultant, Writer, at Various Companies

June 1997 - September 2006

Various freelance activities writing marketing copy, producing video, design marketing pieces, web sites and new media. Also do professional speaking and training on a freelance basis as well.

Business Development at Tolga Media

June 2003 - June 2005

-Helped raise money, develop operational systems, video and software products -Developed marketing materials, content for web portals, acquired new clients.

President & Founder at Applebrook Family Enrichment Network

September 1992 - May 1997

Developed literacy curriculum, good behavior systems, parenting programs,sales & marketing materials for sales force, plus all standard executive duties.

Co-founder at Contagious Apps

February 2012

We create sick things in digital media that make the world a cooler place. SOFTWARE. APPS. PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC. VIDEO. MEDIA.

CEO at Interactive Media Candy

March 2010

We specialize in high-end digital creativity, interactive product development, digital engagement, customer experience, Internet marketing and more. We help clients integrate the latest interactive technologies in their digital content and engagement strategies to be more effective in today's multichannel, multimedia, mobile digital world.

Founder at Technorazzi

January 2010

Technorazzi Magazine is like paparazzi for tech stars, geeks, hackers, geniuses, eccentrics and savants. At Technorazzi, we find the passion, determination and eccentricity of software developers, original thinkers and creative geniuses to be both fascinating and inspiring. We celebrate that by writing positive and light-hearted stories that make celebrities out of software engineers, digital creators, geeks, and others who engage their brains in creative, complex or extraordinary ways.

Parent Facilitator: Baby Care and Nurturing at The Parenting Project

January 2005

Teaching Baby Care and Nurturing is a part-time job that where I train new parents in 5 week sessions, a few sessions a year for the county where I reside. It's very sweet, I love it.

Christine Marie's Education

Fielding Graduate University

2014 – 2017

PhD Program

Concentration: Media Psychology

University of Phoenix

2006 – 2008


Brigham Young University

1980 – 1989

Christine Marie's Interests & Activities

Literacy, photography, activism, female empowerment, human rights

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